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Unlike other types of claim it is difficult to provide an accurate “one size fits all” calculation to the area of employment law as there can be so many different reasons for the employment claim and with that, so many different methods of calculating.

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However, to act as a basic guide only, please see the following in relation to the areas of unfair dismissal and redundancy:

Unfair Dismissal

For unfair dismissal claims, these compromise of two heads of claim:

  • The basic award
  • The compensatory award

The basic award is a formula that uses your age and the length of time you have been with the employer in order to calculate a figure that you would be entitled if successful.

The compensatory award is an award that, rather self-explanatorily, compensates you for your actual loss, caused by the said unfair dismissal.

There are various factors at play with compensation for unfair dismissal in respect of both awards, such as maximum levels of compensation, whether you have acted unreasonably in terms of your own conduct, such that may have contributed to your dismissal irrespective of there being a finding of an unfair dismissal and also, for example, whether you have acted to mitigate your losses, ie, by seeking another job after you have been dismissed.

There are also other remedies available such as re-instatement (getting your job back) and re-engagement (getting job back albeit perhaps in a different role).

The figures also change from time to time but you may find this information on the government’s Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform website which can be seen by clicking the link at



As stated on our redundancy page you will see that when claiming for an unfair redundancy procedure, including pool, selection and so on, this forms part of an unfair dismissal claim.

With regard to a claim for a redundancy payment, a useful guide as to how much a redundancy payment should be can be found by clicking on the following link


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