So types of professional negligence claims… where do we start?

To the left you will see a list of the typical types of claims against professionals that we encounter.

Whether it be due to endless government interference with rules and regulations, businesses having to work harder or more “efficiently” to get the same reward or just plain incompetence, professionals such as accountants, bankers, surveyors, valuers and architects and/or even solicitors can find themselves having breached a duty of care, a statutory duty or even a contractual duty.


During the property boom many banks and surveyors / valuers were dealing with bulk transactions and were in a hurry to approve lending.    This lead to over-valuation of properties and many people are now stuck with a property that was never actually worth what the buyer was paying for it.    However, as was often the case, the price the buyer had agreed to pay was simply rubber stamped by the surveyor, to the exact pound.

What to do next

People often don’t know their rights, or were they do, are worried that it will cost them a lot of money to speak to a solicitor to obtain independent legal advice.

You can always contact us without charge to discuss your position.   We will then be able to talk to you about whether you have legal expenses insurance that you don’t know about (which is far more common that you may realise) and determine whether we can deal with a claim for you at no charge to yourself.

In some circumstances we may also be prepared to deal with your case on a no win no fee basis.

Whether you want a quick initial chat without charge or have a deeper grievance and wish to pursue a claim, we can help you.

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