Professional Negligence by Surveyors/Valuers

Claims against surveyors and valuers are more common than you might think.

Just think about the number of instructions that are given to a surveyor each week and ask yourself, have they spotted everything?    As with any walk of life, complacency can set in and inspections glossed over.

We deal with claims against surveyors and valuers in these situations, when that complacency has cost our clients.   With these types of claims they are usually in relation to properties worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and so naturally, when something goes wrong, it can come at a huge cost to the client.

Structural surveys

If you’ve ever bought a property with the help of a mortgage you will undoubtedly have had to instruct a surveyor to conduct a structural survey of the property.    But what if the surveyor misses a defect?    The answer is likely to be that you foot the bill for the reduced property value or repair costs to put it right, which you could have included in the negotiations before buying.


During the property boom many banks and surveyors / valuers were dealing with bulk transactions and were in a hurry to approve lending.    This lead to over-valuation of properties and many people are now stuck with a property that was never actually worth what the buyer was paying for it.

However, as was often the case, the price the buyer had agreed to pay was simply rubber stamped by the valuer, to the exact pound.

We can help

We can help people who find themselves in these situations as well as many other related situations.

We work with experts who specialise in identifying and confirming such negligence and/or breach of duty and whose evidence will assist in the outcome of your claim.

Where there has been a loss we can pursue your claim through negotiation, mediation and failing these, through the Court or Tribunal system.

What to do next

The first thing to do is to contact us.

Where available we seek to invoke legal expenses insurance that a lot of people have but not a lot of people realise they have.

When you contact us we will do all the work with regard to identifying whether you have it and we will also deal directly with the insurer, which means that you can sit back and as much as possible, relax.

There are some situations in which this may not be available and wherever viable we may be able to deal with a case on a no win no fee basis.   You will be provided with all material you need in relation to a no win no fee agreement should that be necessary.

We have a friendly and dedicated team and we are waiting for your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0151 489 9900 (Liverpool) or 01782 20 60 20 (Stoke on Trent).

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